Government bans local political leafleting

23 Jan 2021

As of Friday 22 January, the government issued new lockdown guidance banning political leafleting by volunteers. Commercial leafleting is allowed, political leafleting is not. The new government guidance will affect the ability of your Sevenoaks Liberal Democrat councillors to provide you with useful information and is a brazen suppression of political debate and important community work.


Commenting on the news, Richard Streatfeild said:

"We will continue to comply with the law and this new government guidance.
We have recently completed a totally safe delivery of a letter encouraging people to get a postal vote which will be an important part of safe voting in the elections in May.
As it would still be fine for a pizza firm to leaflet, this action is clearly not driven by genuine Covid concerns. It is just a plan to cut campaigning on the government's appalling record"