Bat and Ball Traffic Petition

4 Feb 2021

The chaos at Bat & Ball must end. Build a new junction now - safer for everyone - before adding more heavy traffic to our local roads.

Richard looking at the Bat and Ball junction with Sevenoaks Town and District Councillors

The Bat & Ball junction is the worst part of the A25 through Sevenoaks Town for congestion and air pollution. It is dangerous for students walking to nearby schools, harms health for residents and creates traffic jams which can stretch right out of the town. Local people are imprisoned by the weight of traffic.

Tarmac is planning to build at least 600 new homes on the Greatness quarry site - which we need. But they want to start building before tackling the traffic crisis. Kent County Council should say no to this - but so far they haven't.
The developers want to build the first 150 homes with equipment, materials and workers reaching the site through local roads which are already full.

We back the local residents who want Bat & Ball sorted out before any new development takes place in the area. Traffic to new homes should use the quarry road, not their residential streets. Plans for a new junction at Bat & Ball have been drawn up, and it needs to go ahead now

Our recent survey, together with our constant conversations with local people, showed us this is a vital issue, affecting a lot of people. Together, we can make sure Bat & Ball gets sorted before any new development takes place.

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