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Recent news and updates

  • Bank St Brexitometer October 2019
    Article: Oct 7, 2019

    Dear Sir Michael

    For more than three years we've talked about nothing but Brexit - and the whole country is getting fed up.

    And what do we have to look forward to? Sectarian v
    otes every four years in Northern Ireland. Extensions. Transitional periods. Maybe a referendum. Maybe another election.

    If we crash out on October 31st there will be endless trade negotiations with the EU, with all 27 governments and their national and regional parliaments required to agree. Then with everyone else. It's all we'll ever hear about.

    There are so many better, and more important, things to talk about. Climate emergency. NHS crisis. Child poverty. How to heal the rift in the country.

    The only way to make it go away, so we can get on with our lives, is to cancel Article 50.

    Please, just make it stop!
  • Parliament
    Article: Sep 25, 2019

    Following the Supreme Court's ruling Boris Johnson's prorogation of parliament to be "Unlawful, void and of no effect", Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) for North West Kent have issued the following common statement:

    "Now we know our democracy works. The Queen's judges have upheld the Queen's laws and the role of our Parliament in our Constitution.

  • Gareth in Sevenoaks High St
    Article: Sep 17, 2019

    BlackRock Managing Director Michelle Edkins, says "Studies show that diverse groups take better decisions but tend to believe they could have taken even better ones … whereas homogeneous ones take poorer decisions but believe they have taken the best ones. Diverse boards are probably more complex to lead, but more effective at what they do."

  • From l to r: Antony Hook MEP, Ukonu Obasi (Gravesham PPC), Judith Bunting MEP, Kyle Marsh (Dartford PPC)
    Article: Sep 7, 2019
    By John Death

    Lib Dems in Gravesham welcomes two of our SE Region MEPs to a Street Stall in Gravesend. Antony Hook and Judith Bunting both came to support our discussions with local people and meet our new PPCs for Gravesham and Dartford.

    Gravesham may have voted firmly Leave, but views are changing even here. At a street stall on Saturday 7th September, we found lots of people relieved that someone was arguing the Stop Brexit case. And almost everyone could see a better use for £30 bn than the cost of a No-Deal Brexit.

  • The Vine - Sevenoaks
    Article: Jul 14, 2019
    By Tony Clayton

    Sevenoaks' Lib Dem Councillors have asked thousands of voters how they would start the journey to zero carbon - starting now. We know government is moving too slowly and will miss the targets it has set to avoid serious climate damage. So we need to make this happen locally.

    Here are ideas so far - Will you support them? What else will make a difference?

  • Gillian Douglass 1
    Article: Jul 8, 2019
    By Gillian Douglas

    People who have sexual identities other than heterosexual have been discriminated against throughout history. It is important, therefore, that children are taught about LGBT+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, etc.) rights in school, both to gain awareness and to help the situation improve. The Liberal Democrats campaign against prejudice and discrimination against LGBT+ people while continuing to campaign for the UK government to ratify the Instanbul Convention which protects the rights of women and girls.

  • Tony Clayton in Bayham Rd
    Article: Jun 25, 2019
    By Tony Clayton

    Your Council Tax bill which arrived in April repeats the story of above inflation increases. Up 5.4% this year - bringing the rise over five years to almost a quarter. Much higher than the 10% increase in most wages over the same period.

    More local services are now paid for through the regressive Council Tax system, which hits low income families harder. Less comes through central government from income tax, which is related to ability to pay.

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