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Recent news and updates

  • /wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Tony-Clayton-226x300.png
    Article: Apr 25, 2019
    By Tony Clayton

    The funding system for Social Care since 2016 - adding an extra £100 to £150 to most Council Tax bills - happened by accident. Teresa May's idea for a tax collapsed during the last election, and was replaced in a hurry.

    A promised White Paper setting out long term policy is two years overdue, a Brexit casualty. The cash helps, but a permanent solution is needed.

  • Marguerita and Merilyn
    Article: Apr 25, 2019
    By Merllyn Canet

    The rising level of alcohol related crime must be related to the level of excessive alcohol abusers , about 3.2million people in UK.
    Alcohole is involved in 25% of accidents , 30% of hospital admissions are alcohol related and 5% of suicides.
    We think that this serious level of addiction to a commonly and legally available substance is a medical and a social problem. How does it help to criminalise some behaviour such as drinking in public places ? Surely it merely moves the alcohol drinking into the home where it can be responsible for 1/3 of domestic violence. Half of families have one or more alcohol abusers in them, a massive problem.
    There needs to be better access to treatment centres and more mental health care. These are areas of the NHS that are being cut or reduced.
    Pubs are closing where some level of control was exercised. The increase in opening hours , taxes and other overheads have pushed publicans out of business. Now it is easy and cheap to buy alcohol from supermarkets so no social restraint is needed, your friends and neighbours need never know that your drinking is out of control and that you need help urgently.
    Loneliness and social isolation is prevalent in our society so " drowning your sorrows "might seem like a good idea. Older people may be doing this more and reducing their healthy eating because it is too much bother, leading to malnutrition.
    Liberal Democrats would look at this alcohol use in a more holistic way with education , treatment centres and friendlier places to meet with alternative drinks available. Many younger people are already making these changes in their behaviour, they want to able to drive safely.

  • Article: Apr 23, 2019
    By Tony Clayton

    Carol Cadwalladr's TED talk summarises the challenge facing everyone who believes in Liberal Democracy.

    "This is no longer about left or right, leave or remain, Trump or not, it's about whether it is any longer possible to hold free and fair elections.

    And I don't think it is. This is what happens when 100 year old electoral law is disrupted by technology.

  • Tom headshot
    Article: Apr 11, 2019
    By Tom Morris

    On June 24th 2016, my fiancée woke up, turned on her phone and swore. The United Kingdom had voted to leave the European Union. That day, I joined the Liberal Democrats.

    Almost three years later, I am still a member. Writing this at end March, it is no clearer how or even whether we plan to depart from the EU. Whatever the decision, it will take decades to deal with its full ramifications.

    There is a danger that we have become immune to this confusion. Rather than face the chaos of Brexit head on, many have opted to ignore it.

    People are also put off by fanatics. The binary options of remain and leave do not offer a middle ground. This has left many feeling lost, unengaged and disenfranchised.

    However, large groups of people now interact with politics on a daily basis. What's more, their interest has spread beyond our membership of the EU.

    That's because Britain's vote to leave was never just about our relationship with Europe. In fact, most polls before the referendum showed that people were far more focused on austerity, the NHS and immigration.

    But the Leave campaign harnessed these concerns and made Brexit seem like a solution. The tragedy is, these issues will remain in place after Brexit. In many cases, Brexit will make them worse.

    Since 2016, masses of people, young and old, have realised this. And it has driven them to act. In the last two years, both Liberal Democrat and Labour parties have reported increases in party membership of over 20,000. What's more, these are normal people getting involved, not career politicians.

    The desire to see real change from representatives of our own community has never been stronger. Local elections on May 2nd are your chance to make that happen.

  • Marguerita and Merilyn
    Article: Mar 28, 2019
    By Marguerita Moreton and Merilyn Canet

    Tunbridge Wells has just appointed a new waste disposal contractor, starting on 1st April. The new contract includes fortnightly doorstep collection of glass and a weekly food waste collection. Liberal Democrats have campaigned for doorstep glass collection over the last three years and are pleased to welcome this addition. Why no similar service in Sevenoaks District yet?

  • Sevenoaks Lib Dems at Million March
    Article: Mar 25, 2019
    By Tony Clayton

    Sevenoaks Lib Dems and their friends were there in force, as part of the million strong demonstration on 23rd March.

    Gareth Willis, our new Sevenoaks Parliamentary Candidate, has thanked the many people - certainly hundreds, maybe thousands - from Sevenoaks, Swanley, Dartford and Gravesham, who joined the million plus marching in London on Saturday for the 'Put It To The People' campaign. The determination, energy and unity on the streets in support of Britain's place in Europe were in stark contrast to the growing disarray in the Government.

  • We Demand 3 Dec 2018 (by Liberal Democrats)
    Article: Mar 25, 2019

    Check the running total, the rate of signing, and the numbers signing in each constituency here. And if you still haven't signed, this is the link to the petition on the Parliament website.