Tory Transport Minister blocks integrated ticketing scheme

Dear Sevenoaks Chronicle Editor,

Conservative Transport Secretary Chris Grayling’s record as a party pooper for commuters may go beyond his damaging cancelation of Transport for London’s takeover of our ‘metro’ trains. It now looks as if he may block integrated ticketing with London – which is what we want in Sevenoaks.

Mr Grayling wrote to Epsom rail travellers last week telling them that they couldn’t have Oyster – and he thought that ‘The Key’ smart ticket would do instead. It won’t. It doesn’t do what Oyster does – and it only does rail fares to London stations. Many journeys into London use tube or bus as well, and Oyster gives you the cheapest and most convenient fares. That’s why rail travellers from Sevenoaks want it.

If he applies the same logic to Sevenoaks we can expect to continue wasting time and money.

Yours sincerely

Tony Clayton

P.S. Chris Grayling’s letter to Epsom commuters is here

….. and it shows a frightening lack of understanding of how train fares work, perhaps because as an MP he doesn’t have to pay them!

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Alan Bullion is Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesman for Sevenoaks and Swanley
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