People should not be used as Brexit bargaining chips, says Tony Clayton

EU Sevenoaks

Lib Dems are working for:

The rights of people who came to the UK and made their lives here.

The rights of UK citizens living in Europe.

Many vital workers – especially in the care sector – come from Europe.

Some are leaving now due to intolerance and uncertainty since the Brexit vote.

We want the position of everyone who contributes to our community, and their families, guaranteed so they can all live their lives and plan their future.

People should not be used as political bargaining chips.

Tony Clayton, Lib Dem KCC Candidate for Sevenoaks Town

See what we are doing on the link here:

EU Sevenoaks


With Cllr Merilyn Canet campaigning outside Sevenoaks station






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Alan Bullion is Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesman for Sevenoaks and Swanley
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