Establish a safe crossing in Sycamore Drive – Swanley – Sign our petition please!

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Mason Cole’s petition:
Establish a safe crossing in Sycamore Drive
On 10/04/2017, in Sycamore Drive, Swanley, a 92 year-old woman had an accident crossing the road. Her trolley caught in a poorly paved part of the road and she was bleeding substantially over the pavement. Thankfully the woman, who wished to remain unnamed, is well after a night spent in hospital.
This is not the first time there has been such an injury on this road. There has been a campaign for over 20 years to have a crossing put in Sycamore Drive, yet the welfare of schoolchildren and pensioners alike has been consistently ignored. I attended St Bartholomew’s school myself, and the traffic was a persistent problem. Don’t risk another facing such an accident as this poor woman. Do your part to help stop further injuries caused by dangerous roads by signing this petition.
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Alan Bullion is Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesman for Sevenoaks and Swanley
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