Apologies on the scale of Tory mismanagement of Swanley finances – it’s even worse than we thought!



In the October Town Council by-election, Swanley Liberal Democrats told voters that £500,000 had disappeared from the Town Council reserves.

We would like to apologise for understating the crisis – it has since become clear that the actual decline in reserves has been over £800,000.

We have since learned that the Town Council reserve balances over the last two years have gone down much further than anyone thought ….

January 2015       £956,450

March 2015          £522,420

October 2015       £421,014

March 2016         £149,970

…. without an indication of where the cash has gone, or what Swanley residents have got for the money.

The latest fiasco is a loss of £27,000 unpaid by a Scottish company called Can you Experience, contracted in 2015 by the Tories to run Swanley Park.

We are still waiting for an apology from the ruling Conservative Group for losing most of Swanley’s reserves, or any explanation.

Swanley’s apology for an opposition, its Momentum Labour councillors, have signally failed to hold anyone to account for all this financial mess, said Robert Woodbridge, Swanley Lib Dem spokesman – pictured here.

You will have a chance to make your voice heard loud and clear on Tory misrule in the next council by-election for White Oak ward on Thursday March 2nd.





About Alan Bullion

Alan Bullion is Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesman for Sevenoaks and Swanley
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