We asked Labour politely, but they refused to remove it


Robert Woodbridge, our candidate for White Oak ward on Swanley Town Council, and the Swanley seat on Kent County Council, politely asked Labour to take down a page of untruthful allegations on their local website. They refused to do so. So the author has now been sent a letter about his web postings, which have also affected past and present candidates from other political parties.

We have avoided making politics personal, and will continue to do so, as we would much rather stick to the issues and policies that can help improve the lives of the people of Swanley, rather than aiming at personality spats which the public are not usually interested in. People must judge for themselves what sort of politics they prefer.

Tony Clayton

Chairman, Sevenoaks and Swanley Liberal Democrats

About Alan Bullion

Alan Bullion is Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesman for Sevenoaks and Swanley
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