More Swanley staff losses sadly likely at the Olympic


It is a crying shame that the Olympic is to close down most of its operations. The Swanley Liberal Democrat team did warn that there was plans to close down the Olympic as part of the “master plan” to build new housing up to the M25. All this has been done in complete secrecy by the Conservative-led Town Council who assured us all that Swanley Banqueting was safe in their hands.

Well we all know that it is most definitely not with the closure of the Woodlands and now the Olympic. We are sure all the staff who worked for Swanley Banqueting would like us disagree that this is safe in Tory hands.

The loss of Banqueting facilities will mean less income for the Town Council to be able to spend on the people of Swanley both now and in the future, and is another nail in the coffin for an administration which has sadly said goodbye in one way or another to over sixty staff since January 2014.

Swanley Liberal Democrat team – Robert Woodbridge and Janet Sargeant

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Alan Bullion is Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesman for Sevenoaks and Swanley
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