Kent County Council must spend more on Sevenoaks schools

Local elections are dominated by the noisy Westminster arguments, but they matter as much for the future of Sevenoaks as a place to live.

The shortage of school places hits many families. Lib Dem Parliamentary Candidate Alan Bullion met Sevenoaks Mums Facebook group to tackle Kent’s problems which make primary pupils travel miles. We need more primary places and  ‘local schools for local families’.

Kent Councillors must boost school cash, but only the Liberal Democrats have made more school funding key to a future government.

Liberal Democrats three top priorities for Sevenoaks’ local councils are :

1) We must keep Sevenoaks’ green spaces – parks, woodland, allotments – safe from Conservative attempts to build on them. They make our town special, and give us room to breathe

2) We already support the residents’ groups who try to slow down traffic. But we need 20 mph speed limits to slow traffic, especially round schools to keep our children safe, and keep Sevenoaks a great place to live, not a good place to drive through.

3) District and Town councils are losing control of ‘prestige projects’. Between them they are a million pounds adrift this year. The investment Sevenoaks needs is in volunteer groups who help others, young and old, and their funding should not be cut. We would redirect the cash to invest in Sevenoaks people who give time to help others.

We want a community that works for everyone.

Tony Clayton on behalf of Lib Dem Town and District Candidates

About Alan Bullion

Alan Bullion is Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesman for Sevenoaks and Swanley
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