Letter published in the FT on personal debt relief

April 9, 2015  12:23 am

 . . . while money’s wasted on a banking quango

Sir, Just what the world needs now is most definitely not  another banking quango

Bishop  recruited to restore faith in banks”, April 2). Unfortunately, the Banking  Standards Board appears to be yet another agglomeration of the so-called “great  and the good”, to judge from the names listed. Appointing bishops and  philosophers, and former financiers, is hardly going to help restore public trust in banking, in contrast to what Dame Collette Bowe asserts. Where are the board representatives from the millions of those indebted in the UK, the many who  do not have access even to basic banking, and those who have courageously  managed to rebuild their lives and access to credit in the aftermath of debt?  What a waste of £10m.

Alan Bullion

About Alan Bullion

Alan Bullion is Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesman for Sevenoaks and Swanley
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