Back Park and Ride, not Buckhurst 2 folly


The latest news about this foolish proposal confirms that the local highways authority agrees with most people in the town that this enormous structure for 300 extra vehicles would only result in complete gridlock in our narrow town centre streets and is thus unworkable.

£200,000 of taxpayers’ money has already been thrown down the drain in pursuit of this scheme and Tory leader Cllr. Fleming is still swearing to continue efforts to create this folly.

Liberal Democrats have been sensibly arguing the case for re-opening the Park-and-Ride on a permanent basis so as to reduce the number of vehicles needing to come into the centre of the town. This would be the most practical and economic course for the district council to pursue.


About Alan Bullion

Alan Bullion is Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesman for Sevenoaks and Swanley
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