Many thanks from Richard Streatfeild

Richard Streatfeild would like to thank all those who voted for him and everyone who helped in his by-election campaign.

The result on a turnout of 37% was as follows:


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Vote TODAY for Richard STREATFEILD – Bough Beech, Chiddingstone, Fordcombe and Penshurst NB: Polls close at 10pm

Richard Streatfeild


Record of action

* Investment in a new community hall
* Opposing major expansion at Gatwick
* Funding for village sports facilities
* Community broadband initiative
* Starting work on affordable homes

Ready to deliver more

* Safer streets round our schools
* Tackling traffic through our villages
* Local solution for affordable homes
* Protect our countryside and farms
* Checks on aircraft and other noise

Many Thanks to everyone who has been in touch during the District
Council election campaign. Your feedback to our survey, and on the
doorstep has given me plenty to work on.

I aim to work as your District Councillor the same way as I have as a
local parish councillor. Working together to get the best for everyone
in our community is what makes our villages great places to live.

Yours sincerely,


VOTE STREATFEILD X Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm

Printed by Newgraphic, 127A High St Edenbridge, TN8 5AX. Published and promoted by James Morgan, on behalf of Richard Streatfeild, all at One Oak, Little Browns Lane, Edenbridge TN8 6LJ.

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Choose Richard Streatfeild as your District Councillor for Penshurst, Fordcombe, Chiddingstone and Bough Beech on Thursday August 3rd

Please elect Richard Streatfeild for Penshurst, Fordcombe, Chiddingstone and Bough Beech


Richard says: “We need more sustained action on aircraft noise. It looks as if we have won on no new Gatwick airport runways but need to keep pressure on, to limit noise.

Will you help me persuade our Council to monitor plane noise and its impact on families and children?”

Richard lives at Chiddingstone Hoath and has served the community as chair of Chiddingstone parish council for the past 4 years. His family have lived in the local community for many generations.

He has led local action against aircraft noise and Gatwick expansion.

Richard has helped bring fast broadband to the area, worked for better sports and community facilites, and on how to meet local housing needs and traffic calming in the best way.

Richard Streatfeild

Record of action – Ready to deliver more

* Safer streets round our schools
* Tackling traffic through our villages
* Local solution for affordable homes
* Protect our countryside and farms
* Checks on aircraft and other noise

Richard Streatfield is standing as the Lib Dem candidate for this Sevenoaks District Council by-election on Thursday August 3rd. Polls will be open from 7am to 10pm.

Richard Streatfeild

Published and Promoted by Alastair MacPherson on behalf of Richard Streatfield & Sevenoaks Lib Dems, both at 44 Well Road, Otford, Sevenoaks, Kent.

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Sevenoaks school teacher provision DUPed by Tory power deal

The Tory government’s £1 billion deal with the DUP could have paid for at least one extra teacher for every secondary school across the UK, research by the Liberal Democrats has revealed.

Official figures show there are 4,169 state-funded secondary schools in the UK and that the average cost of employing a teacher is £44,500. This means if the additional £1bn had been distributed evenly among the UK’s schools, each would receive £240,000, enough to hire one additional teacher over the next five years.

“When it comes to the Tories clinging to power, it seems the magic money tree does exist after all. This simply won’t wash with parents in Sevenoaks seeing their schools lay off teachers as a result of crippling cuts. The Conservatives must start investing more in our schools and not just on keeping Theresa May in Downing Street,” said Alan Bullion.

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Leadership contender Vince Cable warns on new Brexit crunch

One year on from the referendum result, Vince Cable has warned that the country is facing a “Brexit crunch” unless Tory Prime Minister Theresa May changes course.

The Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor, who is widely credited with predicting the 2008 financial crisis, has issued a stark warning that an extreme Brexit outside the Single Market and Customs Union would lead to heavy job losses and a slump in growth and living standards.

Vince Cable said:

“A decade ago, the country faced a credit crunch from which we are only just starting to recover.

“We are now faced with the threat of a Brexit crunch, but which this time would be entirely self-imposed.

“Immediately after the referendum, Brexiteers smugly observed that the economy had not caved in, despite the accusations of so-called “Project Fear.” This totally misses the point.

“The warnings from experts including the IMF, OECD and the Treasury were about the long-term health of our economy, not short-term fluctuations. And just a year after the vote to leave, their predictions are coming true.

“We have seen a collapse in the pound, dwindling consumer confidence and a stagnating economy. Even the Brexiteers’ much hoped-for exporting boom has failed to materialise, with our trade deficit the same size as it was a year ago.

“An extreme, UKIP-style hard Brexit that tears up our membership of the Single Market and Customs Union would almost inevitably result in heavy job losses and a slump in growth and living standards.

“It isn’t too late to change course. Instead of embarking on a reckless and damaging extreme Brexit, we should be addressing the underlying economic challenges the country faces, from crumbling infrastructure to poor productivity.

“Theresa May needs to accept that the public mood has changed, and work with other parties towards a Brexit deal that puts people’s jobs and living standards first.”

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Thanks to all our helpers in the County and General elections

Dear Supporter,

Ten days after the General Election our thoughts are with the tragedy in Kensington. In the most affluent area of Britain, it poses big questions about how less advantaged people are heard, and how we build our open, tolerant and united Britain.

Many thanks to everyone who helped our County and General Elections. Here in West Kent we managed to raise our vote share in Sevenoaks and Gravesham, and hold it in Dartford. We also managed to help target seats win in Eastbourne, Kingston, Twickenham and Carshalton with leaflets, canvassing and phone calls. It made a difference. I’m glad to see Steven Lloyd, Vince Cable, Jo Swinson and Ed Davey back in Parliament – and to see new MPs from Bath, Oxford, Edinburgh and Caithness.

Theresa May seems determined not talk to other parties as Vince Cable has urged her to. But after losing her mandate it can’t be ‘business as usual’. I hope Tim Farron’s decision to step down doesn’t distract our national party – because we have work to do here!

On Friday we called a by-election in the vacant Sevenoaks District Council seat of Penshurst, Chiddingstone and Fordcombe. Richard Streatfield has a strong local campaigning record, came close in 2015, and can win. The election will be held at the end of July, in a land of village pubs, tearooms, castles and amazing countryside. Just the place to spend the summer! Please come and help; contact me or to sign up.

We had already planned a fund raising barbecue at Hoath House, Chiddingstone on the evening of 6th July, from 6pm and this will go ahead. £15 a head for two courses and drinks – please contact Pam Walshe at or Margaret Robarts at or on 01959 522853 to book your place.

Individual constituencies are holding post election thank you events. Because we had one in Sevenoaks after the County poll in May, and to because of our by-election the Sevenoaks party will be on August 27 or September 3rd. We will keep you posted.

Thanks once again.
Tony Clayton
Chair, Sevenoaks Dartford & Gravesham Liberal Democrats
01732 45 1087

Richard Streatfeild

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Lib Dems call for urgent buildings safety review after Grenfell Tower fire

The Liberal Democrats have called on the government to urgently publish a long-awaited review of building regulations on fire safety and implement its recommendations, following the deadly fire at Grenfell Tower.

Sal Brinton, Liberal Democrat Party President and member of the All-Party Parliamentary Fire Safety and Rescue Group, commented:

“My heart goes out to the victims of this tragedy, their family and friends and the emergency services who have shown such bravery in appalling circumstances.

“It is too soon to say the exact causes of this deadly fire, but we must not shy away from asking difficult questions.

“In particular, we need to look at why the lessons of the past seem not to have been learnt.

“Ministers have been asked repeatedly to upgrade fire safety regulations but have done nothing, including on sprinklers and strengthening compliance rules.

“The government must conduct an urgent review into fire safety and building regulations, with recommendations implemented as soon as possible.

“We must also hold a public inquiry into what caused this tragic fire and how it could have been prevented.”

Former Housing Minister Gavin Barwell told the House of Commons in October 2016 that part B of the building regulations, which cover fire safety, would be reviewed following a 2009 fire at Lakanal House tower block.

The All-Party Parliamentary Fire Safety and Rescue Group on fire safety has repeatedly called for a review into fire safety regulations, including last March when it warned the government delay in reviewing building regulations could be endangering tower blocks throughout the UK.

Alan Bullion added that local tenants groups and residents always need to be listened to:
“When residents and tenants groups speak out about safety and security concerns they should be listened to and appropriate urgent action taken by local councils and government bodies.”

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Many thanks to our 4,280 Lib Dem voters

Many thanks to everyone who voted Lib Dem in Sevenoaks and Swanley constituency on June 8th. Thanks also to all our campaign helpers and supporters.
The result was an increase on 2015 and would not have been possible without you all spreading the anti-Brexit message.
Congratulations also to our 12 MPs. UK

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Vote Lib Dem in Sevenoaks & Swanley

Vote for Alan Bullion, your Lib Dem candidate, on Thursday June 8th. Polls are open from 7am to 10pm.

In a final pitch to voters before the country goes to the polls, Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron said:

“Theresa May went into this election expecting a coronation. Yet the more voters have learned of her plans, the less they like them, from the heartless dementia tax to more cuts to our hospitals and schools.

“She has ducked debates and now expects a blank cheque to trash our economy by choosing the most extreme form of Brexit.

“That will mean more cuts to the police, making us less safe, and less funding for our NHS and schools.

“If you are a Conservative voter, do you really trust Theresa May with five more years to cut your local school or hospital?

“And if you support Labour in a seat where only the Liberal Democrats can beat the Conservatives, I need you to lend us your vote.

“We will stand up for you on Europe, on schools and hospitals and to stop the heartless dementia tax. So stand up and make your vote count for the Liberal Democrats today.”

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Sevenoaks Lib Dems welcome extra funding for schools and hospitals

The Liberal Democrats have announced a £17 billion infrastructure fund to repair and restore schools and hospitals across England.

Local headteachers are increasingly forced to use money that should be dedicated for books, teachers and equipment to fix leaking roofs and crumbling buildings. The new infrastructure fund would give an extra £7bn for schools in England, enough to repair every school to allow them to focus spending on education rather than maintenance.

Another £10bn would be allocated to hospitals over the lifetime of the next parliament, helping address a £5bn delayed backlog in delayed repairs to NHS buildings and infrastructure. This investment would help transform the NHS – repairing run-down hospitals, bringing them up to date with modern technology and building new infrastructure to reduce overcrowding. It would contrast with the £350m for the Conservatives committed to repairs in the NHS in 2015-2016.

The infrastructure fund would be in addition to the extra £7bn the Liberal Democrats have committed to invest in schools over the next parliament; and the £6bn more a year the party would invest in NHS and social care.

Liberal Democrat Shadow Education Secretary Sarah Olney said:

“Under Theresa May’s Conservatives, our children are being taught in crumbling schools and our sick and elderly are being cared for in overcrowded hospitals.

“It doesn’t have to be like this. We will invest an additional £7bn in our schools, enough to repair every school in the country.

“This will allow school budgets to be spent on books, teachers and equipment instead of being diverted to fix leaking roofs.

“This week, you can elect Liberal Democrat MPs who will stand up for you on the NHS, schools and Brexit.”

Liberal Democrat Shadow Health Secretary Norman Lamb said:

“We have seen with the recent cyber-attack how inadequate the existing infrastructure is for many hospitals.

“Under the Conservatives, money that is intended for capital investment is being diverted to plug holes in day-to-day spending. This cannot be allowed to go on.

“We will invest an additional £10bn of capital spending in the NHS to fix our run-down hospitals, reduce overcrowding and build a modernise our health service.

“This is on top of the £6bn a year for the NHS and care we would raise by putting a penny on income tax.”

Vote for Alan Bullion, Your Lib Dem candidate, on Thursday June 8th.

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