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Krish wants to hear your views on Swanley rail services

SWANLEY STATION needs upgrading but more trains are vital. As a local commuter Krish is telling rail firms that new City trains must stop at Swanley. As a Swanley commuter I welcome your proposals for a new all day service … Continue reading

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Swanley may be short-changed by fewer stopping services to Blackfriars

Dear Sir, Thanks to the Conservatives who run Kent County Council’s failure to champion the new twice an hour Maidstone East fast service to Blackfriars from 2018, it looks as if Swanley will miss out on half the services. In … Continue reading

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Krishna Shanmuganathan – A new voice for Christchurch and Swanley Village

2016swanleyelectionleafletv3 Krish’s career has spanned government and diplomacy, financial services and business consulting, living and working in five continents over the last 20 or more years. He now runs his own business, and is dedicating more time to charitable activities. … Continue reading

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Introducing Robert Woodbridge for White Oak and Swanley

2016county-whiteoak-v3 Picture: Former Swanley Mayor Janet Sargeant delivering surveys on White Oak Robert Woodbridge is a former Leader of Swanley Town Council. He is now standing as local Lib Dem candidate for both Kent County Council, and the Swanley Town Council seat of White Oak, … Continue reading

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Big decisions ahead for everyone in Swanley

SDC Proposal for Swanley Square: Courtesy of News Shopper  2016SwanleyPFsurveyv4 A NEW VOICE FOR SWANLEY – YOUR LIBERAL DEMOCRAT TEAM   Krish Shanmuganathan Robert Woodbridge Mason Cole   District Council Candidate for Christchurch and Swanley Village Town Council Candidate for White … Continue reading

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