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When we asked last year what mattered to local people they said safer streets and action on speeding traffic

When the Council asked what should go into its Community Plan top priority was slowing down the cars and making streets safe for our children

When we asked for support on 20 mph limits in the streets where you live, the answer was an overwhelming YES!

Sevenoaks Town Council supports 20 mph zones, but the District and County Councils and Kent Police keep passing the buck between each other.

Will you back our campaign to keep stress safe – especially round schools and areas used by children?

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Lib Dems say Britain’s future is better in Europe

The EU referendum will decide Britain’s relations with Europe and our place in the world. Liberal Democrats are

making the case to remain.

Together the EU has created the world’s largest free trade area, delivered peace, helped countries escape from

dictatorship, and gives the British people the right to live, work and travel freely.

Reasons for Britain to remain include:

1) Prosperity – Britain is better off trading and working in the EU. We help run the world’s largest market, so British businesses can grow and prosper.

2) Peace – Neighbours and allies support each other in what remains the world’s most successful project in peace.

3) Opportunity – British people have more opportunities to work, travel and learn than ever before. Staying in Europe gives our children and grandchildren greater prospects, and the best chance to succeed.

4) Environment – Protecting the natural environment remains one of the planet’s biggest challenges, for health, for food and for climate change. These issues are tackled better when we all work together.

5) Security – Together we can break criminal gangs who threaten our country with illegal drugs, weapons and human trafficking.

But perhaps most important – all our friends across the world, across the Commonwealth and the USA, want us

to stay in. We matter more if we use our influence for good in Europe and in the wider world than if we opt out.

Check out all the reasons for Remaining in the EU at

Britain should be leading in Europe, not leaving when the world gets tough!


We have run three policy discussion groups over the last few months:

– on welfare reform, and how to make the benefits system fairer

– on housing and the need to develop affordable solutions here in Kent

– on the EU referendum and the arguments for an international approach

Next discussion planned is on the Environment and Climate Change – after the referendum.

If you’d like to take part please let us know at

or phone us at 01732 451087

Tony Clayton, Chair of Sevenoaks, Dartford and Gravesend Liberal Democrats


A message on the June 23 EU referendum from Dr Alan Bullion, Lib Dem former Parliamentary Candidate for Sevenoaks in 2015 and 2010, and South East England Parliamentary Candidate in 2014 

Dr Alan Bullion

Why should you vote Remain on June 23 in the referendum on Britain’s future in the European Union? Because the South East benefits through EU funding, which supports regional development, provides investment in local firms, creates job opportunities, improves prospects for young people through apprenticeships and higher education, and supports agriculture. More 500,000 jobs across the South East depend on exports to the EU. Almost half (47%) of goods exported from the South East last year were exported to the EU, with a value of £19 billion.

Britain leaving the EU could cost the South East regional economy £8.8 billion over the next two years, as investors take fright. We have already seen the pound lose ground as uncertainty mounts ahead of the referendum date. According to the Treasury, a vote for Brexit could cause unemployment in the South East to rise by around 74,000 while youth unemployment could increase by 9,000. The impact of the shock from leaving the EU could also mean house prices are on average £42,000 lower by 2018 in the South East than if the UK remained in the EU.

Scientific and technical funding also benefits from our EU membership. For example, the University of Kent is part of a £6.3 million project led by the Netherlands to develop new drugs to combat deadly parasites affecting communities in Africa and Latin America. Almost £4.8 million of that funding comes from the EU.

Cheaper flights and visa free travel also make it easier for both UK and other EU citizens to travel to other EU countries. In 2014, EU tourists made 3.2 million visits to the South East, contributing over £1 billion to the local economy, and supporting the 405,000 people working in the tourism industry in the South East, including local attractions such as the Knole Park and the Pantiles.

Agriculture employs nearly 46,000 people in the South East, particularly in Kent, proudly known as ‘the Garden of England’. Our farmers have benefitted from nearly £1.7 billion in Common Agricultural Policy payments between 2007 and 2013. Kentish Ale and Kentish Strong Ale have been produced by a brewery in Kent since 1698. Thanks to the product’s status as an EU protected food name, Kentish Ale will only ever be brewed in the county of Kent. Whitstable Oysters, another of Kent’s iconic products, receives similar protected name status under EU law.

Over 9,000 members of NHS hospital and community health staff in the South East are from other EU countries. This includes nearly 1,400 doctors and nearly 3,700 nurses and midwives. If the UK left the EU, it would become harder for skilled workers such as doctors and nurses to practice in the UK.

Most importantly for me, our membership of the EU is vital to securing continued peace and prosperity, and avoiding another deadly world war. We’ve all enjoyed the benefits of our international links built over recent decades. I don’t want to be the one explaining to the next generation that we chose disengagement over engagement, isolation over connection in 2016.

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